Daniel James O'Connell, LCSW



We can sometimes find ourselves journeying through difficult and uncertain times; believing ourselves to be lost and without a clear direction

Therapy offers an opportunity to gain tools for that journey with someone who will believe in your potential for change, and help you to witness your narrative through a more objective and empowered lens. A therapist is a mirror, enabling you to see the totality of your being, and all that has contributed to your existence - together we find ways to rearrange, change and rejoin with your life.

I believe that making a choice to enter into psychotherapy is one of the most loving and rational actions a human being can take - I employ an open, compassionate, informative and accepting style that is characterized by warmly listening, inquiring and encouraging you as we co-explore your story .

Psychological and spiritual health are the cornerstones of wellness - engaging in therapy is more than ‘coming to terms with your past’ or ‘processing a difficult decision’, it is the exploration of hopes, dreams, fears, worries, strengths and resiliency toward authenticity and empowerment. The human psyche is the seat of our consciousness and it is also the gatekeeper of our unconscious - here we walk together to develop a real language to communicate with self, and to integrate the dimensions of your being with the aim of achieving wellness and satisfaction in life.

The tools, skills, awareness and insights gained within therapy are transferable to many areas of your life - with real benefit to your family, friends, relationships and community - when we heal it creates a light for others to follow.


"There is only one aim of ultimate worth

and that is the ‘great work’ -

it is the uncovering of our truest self

and the shedding of all that obscured us "



about daniel

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which means that I am a trained psychotherapist but that I also have direct experience in addressing the systems and structures which form society and culture -
as such I have a well-rounded and broad base of experience and education, one that has taken me from advocacy and supportive roles, through complex cases and court work, and further into outreach and mental health. I work from a humanist and person-centered perspective, meaning that I hold a deep-seated belief in the value and agency of all human beings.

I trained in both the U.S. and the U.K., and have been working since 2003 with adults, children, and families experiencing complex themes including: domestic violence, substance abuse, LGBTQ issues, physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial and environmental issues, homelessness, physical and mental illness, dual diagnosis, grief and loss. I have championed wellness and empowerment in my roles as a social worker, psychotherapist and clinical director.

My approach to therapy is two-fold - firstly practical and grounded, engaging my clients in skills-based work such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and traditional therapeutic models / the second is my existential perspective; approaching the grander and more complex questions of meaning, connection, satisfaction and purpose in life. I believe that acknowledging the broader dimensions of the human condition, in collaboration with themes of reality acceptance, assists us in attaining radical acceptance - a grounded and empowered joining with the word through a lens of authenticity, knowledge of self, ability to hold boundaries and to be creative in one’s life.

In addition to my LCSW licensure I also hold two degrees in Fine Art - with an avid interest in literature, poetry, creative expression, music and the spectrum of arts as a gateway toward a deeper expression of self and personhood.




Existential therapy is a philosophically informed approach to psychotherapy - it emphasizes how we relate to ourselves, to others, and ultimately to the world. Because of this, existential therapy is particularly well attuned to assist those in crisis - indeed, the fundamental core of the theory is the existential crisis itself: that I exist, that I continue to exist, and that the world is separate from me - regardless of my action, the world continues, and I must find some meaning (and peace) in this fact if I am to hold onto my sanity.

Existential therapy largely focuses on themes of authenticity, fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and acceptance - that makes it especially effective for deep work - the myriad of experiences that bring clients to therapy are reflected within the inescapable reality of human existence - from the wonderful to the tragic, the horrific to the beautiful, the material to the spiritual- existential therapy encompasses these themes as we search for a re-connection to the value of your life.

Clients are encouraged to embrace their own truth, and it is through exploring your truth that we find reconnection with themes of: choice, creativity, freedom, and mortality.

We are able to explore these questions, using your experiences to draw meaning and connection to the significant potential within your life - directly addressing contextual themes that appear out of your control: suffering, anxiety, guilt, despair, loss and grief.

In therapy, if we adopt a perspective of non-judgement, and we remove our presuppositions on what our lives should be like, we are better equipped to explore what your existence really has been like - and, conversely, how you can work to accept it. For all of us, authenticity begins in living and accepting ‘life on life’s terms’, only then can we begin to create a life that is reflective of our truest self.

This approach to therapy treats clients based upon their own understanding, because it recognizes that cognitive dissonance and distortions accompany the existential crisis - addressing these can be a pivotal focal point for the existential therapist - encouraging clients to be authentic in the here-and-now setting, to feel safe in giving voice to their concerns, and in identifying inconsistent and incompatible realities within their narrative.

I aim to honor each client’s experiences while guiding them toward self-actualization by illuminating and clarifying their ability to have agency within their own lives. Clients are guided towards self determination, recognizing and accepting their freedom to elicit change, if change is what they truly want.

We must learn to tolerate, embrace, affirm, or change our way of being in the world if we are to truly become authentic human beings.



offered Services

  • All therapeutic sessions begin with an intake and assessment, during this time we will explore your history, your needs, your goals and what it is like to be you - to develop an understanding between us. If we determine that I am not a good fit for you then I will help you to find alternative options - feeling safe, comfortable and able to build trust are cornerstones of successful therapy. Your wellness is the priority.


individual therapy

Individual therapy is conducted on a one-to-one basis, meaning that you and I work exclusively together to address themes and issues that are unique and personal.

Individual therapy is usually once a week - we will work together to identify a frequency that is best for you, and we will continue to review these needs as you progress through treatment.


Group therapy is run as shared sessions that pivot around a specific theme, it is initially open to anyone who is interested in exploring the topics of that theme with others who have had similar experiences. Once a group has started it becomes ‘closed’ meaning that new members will not be able to join - this preserves the ‘flow’ of the group and encourages members to develop trust in each other.

Individual sessions are not part of group therapy, unless in an emergency.

Safe space and advocacy 🏳️‍🌈

All areas of my practice are designated safe spaces - this means that I am open, affirming and accepting of all people regardless of color, race, gender, sexuality, identity, creed, body and or belief. This is a firm and unwavering matter within my practice.

I am available to assist and to be an advocate should I be needed.


Relationship and family therapy

Relationship and family therapy is conducted on a partnership and or member basis, meaning that I work with relationship partners and or family members - addressing themes to resolve conflict, increase communication, process grief and loss, and improve satisfaction. An alternative pathway approach is also available, meaning that we will explore the termination or transition of a relationship / family.

Individual sessions are not part of relationship and family therapy, unless in an emergency.

speciality groups

Speciality groups are offered for organizations and facilities. I have comprehensive experience and skills regarding the development and facilitation of groups within addiction, mental health, adults, children and families, communities and organizations - content, longevity, frequency and rates are subject to negotiation.

Individual sessions are not part of group therapy, unless in an emergency.

Consultation and staff training

Consultation and staff training are offered for organizations and facilities - content, longevity, frequency and rates are subject to negotiation.

Resume available upon request.


My therapeutic work incorporates evidenced-based practices in combination with a deep and broad exploration of who you are at the core of your being - together we unify your potential with your personhood, to empower you
— Daniel James O'Connell


rates & Insurance

  • Payment is due at the time of each session - I accept PayPal, Credit/Debit cards and cash. Cancelled or missed sessions are charged at full rate, unless 24-hr notice is given.



50-minute private session

Individual therapy is conducted in traditional 50 minute sessions, providing additional time for admin in the one hour slot.

Additional time is available upon pre-authorized request and is charged in 1/2 hour increments. Free telephone consultation is limited to 10 minutes, with overages being charged in 1/2 hour increments. Tele-therapy is possible by pre-arrangement, taking place of an in-office visit.

$150 / $250

50 / 90-minute relationship and family session

Relationship and family therapy is conducted in traditional 50 minute sessions, providing additional time for admin within the one hour slot.

longer session time is available, upon request, increasing the session time to 90 minutes.




30-Minute Check-in

Life can be unpredictable and sometimes we need some extra support - I can check in with you over the phone, via tele-therapy, or in person (subject to availability). Please discuss your need with me and we can decide, together, how best to support you.

$35 per person

90-minute group session

Group therapy is conducted on a ‘sign-up’ basis, meaning that specific groups will be advertised and open to the public. Groups will begin when the minimum number of people have signed up.



sliding scale / pro bono

I offer a ‘sliding scale’ rate that is based upon financial hardship - please discuss the availability and limitations of this service with me.

Pro Bono work is undertaken in specialty cases - please contact me directly to discuss a referral of a Pro Bono case.


insurance considerations

I do not directly accept in-network insurance policies, but I am able to assist you in preparing out of network billing for reimbursement through your insurance provider - you will be liable for the cost of the sessions up-front, with the reimbursement rate depending on negotiation with your provider.



request an appointment


Please fill out this form to request an appointment - this is the best way to contact me, as I am usually with clients. Once we establish our working together I will provide you with alternative contact details.